210 hour update

So first thing the doctor said to us this morning is to hold up on our plan to travel. They like that here ammonia levels have stayed between 50-81 for the last 24 hours. They want to wait and see a little longer on the carbaglu. Big chance we will still end up in DC but we are praying hard that the meds continue working.





11 thoughts on “210 hour update

  1. OMG I’m praying hard!!! Whatever God’s plan is we will be here behind u all 100% n thanking him for whatever rd he has u all to take bc she’s still here n ur arms reach!! Love u all

  2. My thoughts are with you buddy. I hope everything works out for the best and the new “miracle drug” does the trick, so y’all can get on to raising your little one.

  3. Just so awesome to see you guys holding your little angle ! GOD IS WORKING HE MIRACLE !! Love you all. !!

  4. I had not heard of your blog till last night, and I have read it over twice. We love you guys and are praying morning, noon and night for our newest Princess! We all know that God can and does work miracles. Just trust that his plan will unfold and that little nugget is going to be a force to be reacond with. You guys give her a kiss from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Wayman! Love you…

  5. Wonderful news! Sounds like Ryman may be a true southern girl and prefers to stay right her in Tennessee. Praying.

  6. Nighty-Nite Little Princess… I pray that God watches over you tonight, as well as Mommy and Daddy! Can you believe that Brandy? Your name is Mommy now, what an awesome gift!

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