Night 13 -Brandy

We have a lot to be thankful for today. It felt like a pretty low key day. Ryman’s numbers stayed in the 30’s and she is off of the Arginine. They have started bolus feeding tonight, 2 hours on and 1 hour off. We are hoping to get to a bottle feeding in the next few days. They are trying to fit her in for surgery tomorrow to have the cannula removed since there is a higher risk of infection the longer it is in.
We got to hold her tons today which is such an amazing feeling. She was so aware and wide eyed looking around. Dr. Summars came by and was so nice and a fan of her name since he is a Nashville native. He seemed very happy with where she was today.
Corey cooked me breakfast this morning and made Jeremy crab soup. So amazing. We also watched tv today, first time I’ve watched a whole episode of something since Ryman was born. It’s nice to have some normal activity. Also arrived to the house tonight to some beautiful flowers from our friends Jeff, Elicia & Joceyln. We truly are blessed.

God continues to show us that he has a plan and that we should trust in him.

Prayers for surgery tomorrow and that Ryman’s numbers remain low.

We love you.



Loving the paci.


Flowers for Ryman.



9 thoughts on “Night 13 -Brandy

  1. Again thank you for the update. I love the pictures of your beautiful daughter! We are keeping her in our prayers.
    Much love to you three!

  2. Glad you had a low key day and got to enjoy your baby. You guys hang in there. Love the updates and the pictures! heard the song “Home” yesterday (Phillips?) and the lyrics seemed so apt! Praying whenever I think of you three, which is often. Ryman, you’re amazing!!!!!

  3. Just wanted you to know I pray for you all every day and you’re on my mind and my heart often! Thanks for the updates.

  4. I have been watching for days so amazed by you both,she is so beautiful.PRAYing everyday,knowing god is with you all.Hoping tomorrow goes well, your friend darlenna

  5. Hey Jeremy, we met on the road a few years ago and I came across your blog on twitter as we have many mutual friends. My family and I are committed to keeping you guys in prayer as you fight this battle together. May God bring you peace today.

  6. Good Morning, just wanted to stop in and see how my favorite great neice is doing 🙂 So happy that the day went by uneventful. You watched tv? No fair, I haven’t got to watch tv for 26 yrs, lol. You better get use to cartoons, that’s all you’ll get to watch soon. Actually, they’re pretty good. Love you Hun! Hugs, Kisses and Prayers to You, Jeremy and Ryman…….

  7. Oh, she is just beautiful! I love seeing the pictures. I am praying for her and praying for you two. May God wrap His arms around you and let you feel His comfort, peace, and love every minute of the day. God bless you.
    Paige Craig McKinney

  8. Chattanooga may be many miles away-but it sends lots of love your way. Baby Ryman sweet girl you keep fighting, growing and snuggling your mommy & daddy tight. We promise to pray without ceasing for your new liver & future.

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