This is from 9 hours ago

Heading back to Nashville for a few days for a few shows. Pretty excited to have work as a distraction. Need a little music time to settle me down. I knew it was gonna be a little difficult to leave but had no clue how much I’d miss my girls. Not even 20 min into my flight and I’m already counting down till I get to kiss em both. Plus how terrible is it that Brandy’s first Mother’s Day I won’t be there. 😦 At least we’ll get to spend our 5th anniversary together later this month.

Doctors feel like we have a pretty good handle on her ammonia level. Started bolus feeds and expect to be giving her all her meds through a bottle this week. That means all but 1 needle will come out. Met with some of the transplant team yesterday and a few more are coming to see her today. They will be doing a ton of blood draws over the next week and will be checking to see how blood vessels and ducts are connected to her current liver. They seem way more interested in using a cadaver liver then a living donor. One doctor even told me I’m to tall to give her part of mine. I have no clue how my height could be a factor. So 12-18 pounds is the next goal. That’s the weight they would like to have her at before the transplant.

Hats off to the nursing staff and doctors at Children’s national hospital for making us feel so informed and answering all of our dumb questions. Brandy promises to keep us all informed while I’m gone.


8 thoughts on “BWI to BNA

  1. Jeremy Hun, part of being a good husband and good father is being a good provider. In everyway, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financally… So don’t beat yourself up for going to do the Music! I am so happy that God brought you and Brandy together. She deserves a good man in her life, and I know God gave her that with you. And you’re a winner because God sent her to you 🙂
    We love you guys and will keep praying excessively for Ryman and both of you as well! The 3 of you are in our hearts and on our minds always.
    She sure is one beautiful little princess, but that doesn’t suprise me at all. I can’t wait to get to see her in person.

  2. This is Jeremy’s sister-that being said, he is a man I am very protective of. Jeremy’s time away is not a vacation or trip. He is providing for his family. No one can know the difficulty and heartbreak of his leaving-but him & brandy. Jeremy needs our support. His burden on this journey is not light or easy, he has the weight of being a husband, provider, father, protector, leader, etc. Brandy and him are both on a journey of deep, dark, difficult days-having either not with the other is a trial itself. So please be considerate of your writings-as this is journey is harder than they type or open up to. Jeremy is one of the most loving and honorable people I have the pleasure of knowing and loving, I would hate for him to read this kind of comment and doubt himself or his choices.

  3. I’m so sorry if you misunderstood my comment Coco. Jeremy’s post shared his heartache of having to go back to Nashville for Work. I was only trying to ease his heart, knowing that he is a wonderful provider! I meant NO disrespect at all. I am Brandy’s Aunt, I love her very dearly, and I thank God that she and jeremy have each other to lean on. That is the bad thing about posting, words can be read many different ways. Please Jeremy and Brandy, never read anything but love and best of wishes from my words.

    1. Brandys auntie- my response was to a comment that j&b have taken down. Your words are ALWAYS uplifting. I’m a little hot headed when it comes to protecting my little brother. Blood is thicker and all that. I appreciate all your love and affection for them both. Love Aunt Coco!

  4. Hey girls. We continue to pray for you and it warms my heart to read all of the great updates. Yes indeed, God is good! I love seeing the pictures and hearing how each day, you begin with the foundation of knowing God is with you all. As a momma who walked with my daughter for more than 3 years of cancer treatment, I am so proud of you and Jeremy. One day at a time. That is how the journey is done!

  5. I totally understand Coco, Love to you and your Chase…. Brandy has always been super special to me 🙂 And I couldn’t be happier that she found a wonderful loving caring Godly man to have a family of her own and make her life complete.

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