Day 18

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, it was a strange feeling to get this new day. Lots of people text and messaged and I felt pretty special. God has given me such a strong and beautiful daughter. At 19 days old today she has been through so much. I spent the night at the hospital the night before to try to learn Ryman’s sleep pattern a little better. I got to give her a bottle every 3 hours and she is getting much better at learning how to eat again. 14 days of not eating anything through your mouth can be tough on those reflexes.
If she could start eating all of her bottle then she could get the NG tube out so we are working hard on that.
She got the arterial line out of her hand last night! This one looked painful so I’m glad it is out. Only thing left is the Broviac Catheter in her chest. Her ammonia level yesterday morning was 36. Up a little but still good so they moved the testing to every 24 hours. This is a reminder that we are not in control, I want to test ever hour if they would but just have to trust that we will know by her demeanor if the ammonia is high again.
Jeremy came back yesterday!!! This made me very happy, I missed him so much. Ryman did too! He got to give her a bottle last night and was loving his daddy daughter time while I got some girl time.
I went to the Taylor Swift concert with Julie. We turned into 13 year old girls for a couple hours. It was a nice distraction. Thanks Nick, the seats were amazing!
Since it’s Monday I am hoping we get to talk to some doctors today about what this week will look like. It is hard to not be scared that things are to good to be true. My friend Rachel said it best:
Don’t let satan rob you of your joy! He tries really hard… And I you will miss out on some things. Satan loves to use fear to mask out the Lords blessings. I believe that he made Ryman to be a strong, sweet girl!!! Those words came at such a needed time.

Thanks Shannon for the amazing Georgetown cupcakes and the Heilwagen’s for our goody box.






5 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. Brandy & Jeremy,
    I look forward to your pictures and updates on your beautiful daughter, Ryman. She seems to be an amazingly strong little girl. She must get it from her Mommy & Daddy! I am so glad that she continues to do so well. The power of prayer. . . AMAZING! Thank you for taking time out of your day to share. Ryman is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! LOVE the pictures! Continued prayers, love and light for all of you.

  2. A little downtime is good for you, if for no other reason than to breath something other than hospital air. We all know that Ryman is with you where ever you go!
    So happy Jeremy had a safe trip 🙂 That pic of him and Ryman is just adorable. I think she is definitely going to be a Daddys girl.
    Prayers that this wk brings lots of positive news for our little Sweety! Love ya guys, stay strong and follow God’s lead…

  3. Brandy she is absolutely gorgeous. Her eyes are so pretty. Thinking and saying prayers for her continued improvement.

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