21st Day

Ryman’s ammonia level was in the 70’s this morning. So up a little but still okay. They are going to readjust the amount if protein she is getting. Instead of 1.8 grams she will get 1.6 grams. They had been raising it some since she was doing so well to see how much she could handle. They will retest her levels tomorrow morning. She has taken the entire bottle her last 4 feedings. If she can prove that she can do this for 24 hours they will take out the NG tube. She has been doing so great, just praying that the ammonia comes down tomorrow.

If they come back down and she continues to eat well we could be on our way home early next week!
They would send us home with a letter and if at anytime we freak out or think her ammonia levels are high we can go to the ER. The letter lets the ER now what she has and what to do. We would also get a number to call that is the on call genetics doctor at Vanderbilt and they would meet us in the ER. So that makes us feel a little better about taking her home.

Jeremy flys out tomorrow for work but will be back Saturday morning. Lets hope Ryman doesn’t act out while he is gone :). You know she likes everyone’s attention.

All in all we praise God today that Ryman is still doing great. 70 is up but we have lots to celebrate today. She is eating great and 70 isn’t 150! Hope that she improves tonight with the lower protein intake.

We miss our dogs a ton too! Kate and Toni are taking great care of them but we can not wait to introduce then to their new sister.

Happy 11th Birthday to cousin Chase!

With love, Brandy




6 thoughts on “21st Day

  1. i cried when i saw that picture!! What a difference! She is a beauty like her momma! (daddy’s pretty cute too!). Ryman’s sisters are doing good but i think they miss momma & are happy to be BIG sisters! We LOVE all of you & i can’t wait to hold that baby!
    God is good!!! xo

  2. Praying hard that you all get to come home home, with calmed nerves and full hearts. Love you guys, and can’t wait told hold sweet Ryman again!!!

  3. This is Chase-
    Ryman next year me & you (your new liver included) will enjoy cupcakes! You look cute in your bow.

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