22nd Day – update

Thank you for showering Ryman in prayer! God is taking care of her. Just wanted to update everyone and not let you worry all day. They put her back on the Ammonul and her ammonia is back down to 40. Yay! They are now trying to determine what caused it to spike. There are 3 different things they are looking into. Either she isn’t getting to little or to much protein, she could have an infection or she is a little anemic and this is causing her to use more energy. They are going to leave her on the Ammonul until tomorrow just to make sure. But things look good as of right now.

She pulled out her NG tube this morning. She was totally over it ;). She has been taking all bottles by mouth so they won’t put it in unless we need it. She has been a hungry girl this morning too.

She had a CT scan yesterday and an ultrasound today as part of the liver transplant evaluation. Getting closer to getting her on the transplant list. Still waiting for the DNA testing to make the official diagnosis as well. If you know anyone at Baylor University who does DNA testing and want to bribe them to move her to the front of the line, please feel free.

One of the nurses brought in this hat to help keep her warm. She said a grandma somewhere made it.
Not sure Ryman was a fan but it is too funny not to show you all.






6 thoughts on “22nd Day – update

  1. Oh Brandy, your hand and hers holding that binky in her mouth–just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! Love you guys!

  2. Praise you Lord for watching over our little “You are messing up my hair Diva”, Lol. That hat is just to darn cute, love the pics. I do believe she has our brow crease, somehow it is adorable on her 😀

  3. I could not get past how pretty her little lips are. I love there is no tape on her face too.

    Seriously anyone or someone that makes hats-this pretty girls needs something more—whats the word….Stylish! Aunt Cathy I sense a sewing project in your future. 🙂
    Sis hug and love her tightly.

    Counting down the days and minutes until I get to snuggle and smell her baby smell. This auntie is dreaming of all our adventures to come until then.

    All my prayers & love,

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