22nd Day

I just dropped Jeremy off at the airport. Going to miss him but he will be back Saturday morning. I am doing a quick update this morning because we need some prayers. Ryman’s ammonia level in the middle of the night was 168. They started an IV again for the Ammonul and one to get her hydrated well. This means we will probably not get to take her home early this week like we were hoping. It’s better this happens now then when we get her home. They are going to take another draw for readings this morning so hopefully the Ammonul does its job and brings the number way down. The nurse said she isn’t acting like she has high ammonia levels and that she took her entire bottle at the 3am feeding.
Prayers for lower numbers and that the lower protium intake will help them stay low.
Love you all,


9 thoughts on “22nd Day

  1. Prayers for Ryman amd you both. All the pictures show a little girl who is getting bigger and stronger. God is doing great things in that little body even in the rough moments. Kiss her extra today for the Florida fam. Xoxo

  2. I continue to pray. Love and miss you. Also remember when satan fires darts just watch and see how God turns it around and works it for good.

  3. Praying an extra prayer for our little lady! Don’t let the set back stress you to bad, God is watching over her and she’ll bounce back. Lots of prayers for mommy and daddy too. Love love love

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