Day 23

Pretty low key day today but we like low key. Ryman’s ammonia was 39 this morning so that’s under control again. She is off Ammonul and back on Buphenyl. She has continued to take all her feeds by mouth so she hasn’t had to have the NG tube put back in. I do threaten her with it when she isn’t eating well. They put her on iron and vitamin D supplements today to help with the anemia.
I had a chemistry lesson with the dietician and learned how to use the scale correctly to measure out formula and medicine.
I stayed at the hospital last night and am pretty burnt out. Going to clear my head and hang out with Julie and Corey tonight.
Jeremy flys in tomorrow and we can’t wait to see him!

Can’t stress enough how grateful we are for all the prayers and support. Hoping for another low key day tomorrow.

With great love, Brandy & Ryman






6 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. I see Jeremy and Brandy shinning through. Love all the pictures. Keep them coming. Finally figured out how to save to iPad. Love hugs kisses. Grandma Sherry.

  2. Oh my goodness Brandy.. She is growing up soooo fast!!!! I hope these clothes I got her are gonna FIT her!!!!lolol!!!! I can see YOU in her little face now!!!! I just love her!!! And you all!!! HAVE FUN when Jeremy gets there! Still praying for sweet baby girl!!! Xoxoox

  3. Can’t stop going back and looking at this sweet girl’s pictures again and and again. She is so precious! Looks like she’s actually talking in that third one. Pretty soon she’ll be smiling!

  4. So happy for a low Key day! Hope it’s a low key wknd and that you and Jeremy can relax, breath a little easy and enjoy that beautiful angel. love and prayers

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