29 days

Can’t believe it’s almost been a month. To say life has been moving at a fast pace is an understatement. Can’t stress how much the support of family and friends has helped. Every day I’m honestly surprised and blow away by the generosity of y’all. Needs being met before we have to even ask have made us able to focus on Ryman. I don’t know if we could handle this if we had the added stress that a house, money, dogs, logging, etc bring.

Ryman is amazing. It’s really fun to get to experience all the things that being a (normal) parent bring. Yeah our first month isn’t normal and the next few won’t but to watch a personally form is pretty amazing. Yeah she cries and poops a lot but she also is starting to smile and make funny faces. I try to remind myself to soak up these moments. It’s going to be very easy to look back at this and hospitals, doctors, and traveling be our first memories.

The next week. Brandy mentioned yesterday that there is a chance of getting to travel back to Nashville soon. Basically we have come to realize that spikes in Ryman’s ammonia are just gonna be part of this process. The team at CNMC and Vandy have been in communication with each other and us. We know that when we get home even if it’s just for a few weeks that she’ll be okay. Please remind us of this if we act crazy. Cause we will… At least Brandy will. It’s looking like Tuesday the 28th is the day. Funny cause the 27th is our 5 year wedding anniversary. Wouldn’t that be an amazing anniversary gift. Getting to go home.



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