Day 34: The 24 hour Blog

Part 1.
We will use this as a running 24 hour blog so keep checking in to see how our adventure unfolds. It has been a few days since we updated, we were busy changing rooms, getting the Broviac out, mixing formula, maintaining low ammonia, getting some help from Jeremy’s mom who flew up and our 5th wedding anniversary. Today is the big day, we are going home! Thank you God for answered prayers. Prayers for safe travels.

Ryman in her hospital gown.
Daddy’s girl.

Thanks to Jeremy’s mom we got to do something for our 5th Anniversary while she stayed with Ryman.

The Little family, 5th wedding anniversary.


Part 2.
We are officially out of the hospital! On our way to Georgetown to meet with the transplant team. First dress and First CAR ride!!



Part 3.
Just left Georgetown! Parking was seriously $20 for 2 hours, hopefully we get a transplant parking pass. We got to tour the PICU and the rooms we will be in post transplant so we know what to expect. We totally changed Ryman’s diaper on their conference table, hope they are not eating lunch in there today.

Part 4.
So far Ryman has been a great traveler. Must get that from her dad. Slept for 4 hours. Stopped to feed and change her and now she is right back to sleep. She seemed very confused by her surroundings but she is enjoying the car.

A little over 400 miles to go.

Diaper changing fun in the car.


Where am I and where is my limo?


Part 5.
Mini update to thank Mr. Matt Singleton for getting our tags and registration done before we left. That, along with Ryman, just saved us a ticket.


Part 6.
Tennessee!!!! Wait, we are still 300 miles from home. Boo. What is this Texas?
Home State.


Dad feeding Ryman at the stop. She had us a really nice diaper.


Part 7.
About 100 miles from home!! I’m going to nap before we get there so I’ll have energy to love on some puppies! We are so excited to see them. We also can’t wait to carry our baby girl into the house and to her nursery. That room was pretty hard to walk into without her being there.
So close!!!
The girls!



Part8, The end and the beginning.
We are home!!! Jeremy’s words: all I can say is 680 miles.
I can not even explain how great Ryman did today. She made the ride so much easier than it could have been. Plus having Patti to help us out at each stop was so amazing! We arrived home and our amazing friends/framily had set up balloons, flowers, a banner and stocked us up with some stuff. It was such a sweet surprise. The girls got to meet Ryman and were very curious. We are so so so so so… (times infinity) glad to be home, even if it is just for a short time. We love you all so much.

Thank you lord for getting us here.
We head to the genetics clinic tomorrow morning to meet with Dr. Morgan and get her ammonia checked. It was 27 this morning!








16 thoughts on “Day 34: The 24 hour Blog

  1. Love you! Can’t wait until you are safe in Nashville – i need to get my hands on that girl for REAL!!!!! Your other girls are busy being primped for their first meeting with Ryman ! I can tell you that although they have been loved & had fun here with the other pups, they miss you! xo

  2. Happy Anniversary! I imagine Mammaw just hated having to babysat…. NOT! Ryman looks so beautiful and is growing amazingly, thank you God. And Brandy, you look fabulous too sweety. and yes Jeremy you’re a handsome devil 🙂
    I’ll be praying that your travels are safe and your day a wonderful 1st roadtrip memory. Be forewarned what use to take an hr will now take 2. And trust me, babies love to save up all their nastiest stuff for car rides. Enjoy!
    Smile, Live, Love and Laugh 😛
    Lots of Love and Prayers coming from Ky

  3. I cannot wait to see my baby girl. 3 weeks seems like an entire lifetime. Praying you guys get home safe. Ryman, you better get ready because I am bringing two cameras ;). Love you all, see you soon.

  4. Beautiful Blessed Family! We are so thankful for all the answered prayers and for the ones to be answered. Have a safe trip and enjoy that little angel.

  5. Have a safe trip home! Praying that little Ryman enjoys the car! I will be praying for you in the coming weeks as you transition to your new life at home.

  6. So glad you are all getting to come home. Praying for Ryman and for you both as you get to leave the hospital and transition to home.

  7. Followed you guys all day with prayers; SO HAPPY you are home and that it went so well! You have an amazing little daughter!

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