Day 39/40/41

Ammonia was holding steady at 36 yesterday. We spent our first night as a family, just the three of us (and the girls), by ourselves in the house on Sunday night. It was definitely scary to be alone and we started freaking out a little around bed time. She hadn’t eaten as much and was making these little sighs. After contemplating taking her to the emergency room we decided that we were just stressing and that we would wait and see how she was at her next feeding. She was absolutely fine, crying loud, wide awake and eating very well. I am sure that will not be the last time we are freaking out when she is perfectly fine.

We go back to the clinic on Friday to have it checked again. I also spoke with the transplant coordinator from Georgetown today. She said they are going to present Ryman to the UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) committee next Thursday to get her on the transplant list.
Our kitchen has become a pharmacy/chemistry room. I pre measured a 6 day supply of the ingredients for the special formula she is having.


Funny face.

Sound asleep with her finger in her mouth.

Sleeping smiles.

Curious sister pugs.


My beautiful and talented friend Brittany Steiger took pictures on Sunday. We got a few back and I am so in love with them. Thank you so much!



Another cute after bath pic.


9 thoughts on “Day 39/40/41

  1. So glad that things are going well and you all got to bring Ryman home to Nashville. Love the pictures. She looks so sweet and pretty.

  2. Do you all need more of those small medela bottles (with yellow tops) pictured? I have 6-8 ive never used that I could send home with Ashley Warren.

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