Day 45

We finished our first full week of being home with Ryman by ourselves! I have a whole new respect for moms. This is not fun. I think I was under the impression that babies sleep way more than Ryman does. She likes taking cat naps and is then wide awake again. She also likes being held and starts screaming a few minutes after you put her down. Hard to get anything done while holding a baby. Add to this the fact that during the day we can’t let her go more than 3 hours from the beginning of her last feed without eating and 4 hours max at night. Lots of work. Thank goodness for family who come to help and let me sleep! You guys are amazing!
There isn’t as much to update lately since we are just hanging at the house fattening her up. I will try to start just adding picture blogs for a bit until we have news. We are currently working on some potential travel arrangements for getting back to DC as quick as possible when we have a liver before we are actually back up there. There is a 6 hour window and that’s going to be tough! We are looking into some nonprofits and trying for talk to airlines to see if there are ways to hop on flights last minute. If you have your own plane or know someone who does we would be willing to pay for gas and time to fly us to DC with an hour notice :). Yeah we know that’s asking a lot, but worth a shot.
Ammonia was 48 yesterday, we are still getting labs drawn for the transplant and they took 6 ml’s of blood yesterday. She is a little pale today and we are going to try to wait until next Thursday to get the ammonia checked again. Prayers that we don’t get scared during the week going so long without checking it and that it doesn’t actually go back up.

Words from Jesus Calling that I need to be reminded of.
‘Who is in charge of your life? If it is you, then you have good reason to worry. But if it is I, then worry is both unnecessary and counterproductive. When you start to feel anxious about something, relinquish the situation to Me. Back off a bit, redirecting your focus to Me. I will either take care of the problem Myself or show you how to handle it. In this world you will have problems, but you need not lose sight of Me.’

We continue to get so much support and love from our family and friends.
So much love and gratitude, Brandy.

Much needed date night.

Snuggles with mom.

Being watched over by her sister.

Being afraid of her sister. Love this face!

Crashed out on teddy.



4 thoughts on “Day 45

  1. Brandy, google free medical flights tennesse area. There are several nonprofit groups who may be able to fly Ryman when the time comes! Angel Flights they call them, quit fitting. So happy that you don’t have much to update us with, we’ll keep praying for good news or just adorable pics of Princess and her Pug sisters, lol. Love you guys

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