Day 47 – Picture Blog

Big thanks to everyone trying to help us find a flight just in case Ryman were to get a liver before we are back in the DC area. We are so blessed to have people trying to make connections. Love you all. We will go back to the doctor on Thursday so prayers that thinks continue to go the way they have been.

Just some baby stuff going on in the Little house.

Ryman in her bouncy chair.

More Mr. Bear time.

Family bath time, Janie wanted to be a part and Ryman wasn’t a fan.

Why are babies in bath towels so darn cute? And their daddies too.

Hair brushing time.
All clean!


Janie got up to help feed Ryman at 3am. I couldn’t find her when I was going back to bed. Then saw her here! She wants to be the baby again.

Mom getting her hands back so she can do stuff around the house! Thanks Ashley Warren for the lesson on how to use this thing!



5 thoughts on “Day 47 – Picture Blog

  1. Truly love seeing how Sweet Ryman is growing and looking so healthy. The “Little” family is such a HUGE blessing to us all. We love you all and continue to pray for you all.

  2. That sleeping picture is adorable! (They all are!) Looks so much like her mama. Loving all the pictures and so glad things are going well!

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