Day 55

In less than 1 week Ryman will be 2 months old. How can such a short amount of time completely change my entire life. It’s crazy how much things can change even in a weeks time. Ryman is smiling when she is awake now. It melts my heart. We do not go back to get her ammonia tested until the 27th. That’s 2 weeks from when we last checked it. We can take her in if she seems weird at any time but we really don’t want to take anymore blood from her than we have to. She has still been a little low and we need to finish labs for the transplant. She was extremely fussy the past few days because we stopped adding in the breast milk and switched to more Enfamil and Cyclinex-1. The doctor thinks it could be from the iron increase as well. She seems to be having more difficulty going to the bathroom. Today was much better though so hopefully she is adjusting. It’s always scary when her mood changes so much because fussiness can mean an increase in ammonia. It’s hard not to feel like something is wrong or to feel like I am being paranoid. Please continue to pray for strength and clarity through this.
We did have our first outing today. We waited until the sun went down and not many people would be out at Edwin Warner. Our first park adventure and I’m pretty sure Ryman loved being outside. Her eyes have a hard time adjusting to the natural light so I want to make sure we get her use to it. I thought about making a sign that said: Stay Away, Sick Baby. But then I thought that might actually attract more people. I was on guard for anyone running past who might sneeze or cough in our direction. We succeeded at steering clear of anyone. The time outside was so great for me too. I need the sunshine and fresh air as well. Aunt Sara was here to help out and capture the first park trip. We love her so much! Jeremy also had his first Father’s Day this week!
I had to do a little shoot with all our girls:

Park adventure:




Fun pics:





3 thoughts on “Day 55

  1. Loving that smile! So glad you all got to go outside. Always look forward to and enjoy new pics. I looked at them once just before I went to sleep, and then dreamed that Ryman was one year old and running around! Will keep praying for that, and for you all. You and Jeremy are doing a WONDERFUL job!

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