Day 72

It was so great to have Jeremy home for the week. We got some quality time thanks to friends and family and Jeremy got to do some 3am feedings. They are tough but I know he loved getting that time with Ryman. She isn’t much on being woken up to eat but rocking her to the sounds of ocean waves are moments I know we will someday miss. She has really started to learn how to entertain herself. The difference one week makes is amazing. She is currently laying under her play gym where she has been cooing and batting at the toys for the last 30 minutes. As I type this she is getting bored and starting to fuss. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is continuing to pray for our family and our little girl. We are still getting cards from small groups and gifts for her. We are so amazed at how many people are praying for our little nugget.

Happy Fourth of July! We didn’t leave the house but we still got dressed for the occasion.

Daddy daughter fun.


Pug sisters.

Had to buy a scale to weigh her on the weeks we do not go into the clinic. She is above 9lbs now!

Sleep eating.

Nap time.



3 thoughts on “Day 72

  1. Thanks for your updates! She is so beautiful and so blessed to have you two! I pray for her and for you. We love you all!

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