Day 82

Sorry I am just getting a chance to let everyone know what is going in. Lots going on. Her lab from yesterday morning was 66, which is great but we stared feeds back and then the 4pm lab came back at 116. So we went back in Ammonul. They had to put an IV in to push the fluids through a different line. Apparently the pharmacist said that the fluids isn’t suppose to go through the same line as the Ammonul. Through the night we had trouble getting her to eat and she kept getting chocked. This morning she still seemed lethargic and not eating but her ammonia from 4:40am came back at 70. She had some high respiratory rates and her she was retracting. I ask the doctor to come in and let him know I was concerned. They took vitals and her blood pressure was really low. They took it manually a few times and it was still low. They decided to move her to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. They pushed 100ml of saline into her and stopped the Ammonal for a short period. They drew blood to do several viral blood panels, did a catheter to get urine to check for infections or under laying issues we could be missing. We are waiting on the latest ammonia lab to see if the ammonia is still low. She is in PICU now, blood pressure is looking better. They think she could have been dehydrated. Which is crazy sense she was on so many fluids. The fluids have sodium which could have dehydrated her along with her not eating much. I will update again once we get lab results back. We will be in PICU tonight and if everything goes good we will move back to the floor tomorrow.

Sawyer’s ammonia has stayed low since his first round of Ammonul. If the next one is low they will get to go home today.

Love you all and so appreciate the prayers!





2 thoughts on “Day 82

  1. You can do this Ryman! Let’s get those levels down. You have so very many friends and family praying for you and your mamma and daddy. You are STRONG!! Much love and prayers to all of you!

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