Day 83

Ryman has been in great spirits all morning. Smiling, laughing, and talking. Her ammonia is 55. Her blood pressure and heart rate are less then desirable so we will spend the rest of the day here in the PICU. Really hoped that we’d be able to take her home but from the sound of it looks like we will spend the next 48/72 hours here.

Brandy got to sleep at the house last night which was much needed. She needed a good nights rest some pug time and a shower badly. Very grateful that my mom and sister split the night shift to give her the chance.

I can’t explain how happy I am to be home. Yesterday was rough on us. Very thankful that Carrie Grisham booked me an early direct flight so I didn’t have to spend the whole day chasing planes and could get right to my little one.

Thanks for the continued prayers.

We’ll keep this as a running blog today with updates.





6 thoughts on “Day 83

  1. Sending prayer after prayer for precious Ryman and also for Sawyer! God is awesome and Powerful, never doubt that. We love you guys and pray daily that you both find Strength, Courage and Faith to make it through the day. Jeremy, We pray that God watches over you when you have to travel. I can’t imagine your worries and heartache while you’re gone. Brandy, wish I could be there to lend a hand or to just give you a loving hug and pray with you! Love you so very much….

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