Day 85

Surgery is postponed. Ryman’s ammonia was 230’s at 4am. They did a heel stick to see if the line was contaminated. Heel stick came back in the 370’s. Stopped the TPN and restarted the fluids. Hoping that the TPN was just too much protein and that stopping that and starting the fluids will bring it back down.
She seems fussy but her tummy is also empty so its hard to tell if that’s it or the ammonia is
-1 hour later-
Ammonia is 287. Going to do another loading dose of Ammonul. Then we will restart feeds.
Prayers that the ammonia level continues to go down.



5 thoughts on “Day 85

  1. prayers coming you way , so sad to see such a lil beauty sick . praying for strength and comfort for mommy and daddy also

  2. Hoping the levels are coming down. Sorry this has been such a trying day. You all are in my prayers.

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