Day 86

We just got to see Jeremy on The Today Show. He was playing with Danielle Bradburry who won The Voice this season. I can’t explain how awesome it was to see him on TV. He has worked so hard and I am so proud if him. He only had to be gone for 24hrs so he is rushing back to us know. We can’t wait to see him.
So we started the morning with Ryman seeming somewhat normal. Smiling and awake. She only puked once last night and it looked like it was just stomach bile. Her ammonia came back in the 200’s again this morning. After talking with Dr. Morgan we found out Ryman is going to be bumped up on the waiting list some. This is due to the fact that her liver has some damage. Possibly from the disease itself, the ammonia, the diet she has to be on and the Ammonul. She seems to be immune to the Ammonul now, it isn’t keeping her ammonia level down. If she gets closer to an ammonia level of 500 then we will begin our last option which is dialysis. In order to get dialysis she will have to have the big surgery to get a cannula placed again. We are going to recheck her ammonia at 12pm so hopefully we will know by 2pm what the level is. My prayer is that it is down some and not climbing. It’s such a fine line of how much protein is too much or not enough.
Basically, she needs a liver sooner rather than later. Jeremy is going to move forward with the work up to see if he is eligible to donate part of his liver to Ryman.
Prayers please!! That Ryman is stable enough to either wait for a liver or if Jeremy can give her some of his.

Aunt CoCo, Nanny & Poppy got Ryman this amazing momaroo!


9 thoughts on “Day 86

  1. We my not know you guys personally, but we are part of the Cross Point family. Our entire small group is praying for your sweet girl.

  2. Everyday I pray for precious baby Ryman. Its not fair that she has to endure such sickness and pain. All you can do is have hope and pray that God has a plan.

  3. We are members at Cross Point, I think my husband Matt has played on the worship team with Jeremy a few times. We are praying for each of you.

  4. Someone who knows you shared your blog on Facebook and someone after that shared it yesterday. So now I follow! I am from Paducah, Ky. – just two hours northwest of Nashville. Funny that your husband was on TV with Danielle because I actually saw that portion this morning at work…just happened to walk by a TV! I love your daughter’s name, and even more so because you are from Nashville. I look forward to reading about Ryman’s progress 🙂

  5. Mr. and Mrs. Little, My name is Stacey and I live in Bowling Green and I am a liver recipient. I received the gift of life on December 15, 2011 at Vanderbilt University Hospital after I suffered fulminent acute liver failure. My doctors have never been able to find a cause. I have reading about beautiful baby Ryman. Please know that Ryman and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Like you, I believe God has a special plan for this beautiful little girl. You are amazing parents. Since I was blessed to receive the gift of life, I try to give back and help those that are still waiting through advocating for organ donation. I am volunteering for the Ky Trust for Life to raise awareness of organ donation for people just like Ryman. Next week, I plan to speak to about 50 leaders in the Leadership Ky program about organ and tissue donation. With your permission, I would like to include Ryman’s story. It has touched my heart and I know it will others.

    Again, Ryman and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I will pray for her strength and health. I will pray that a donor liver becomes available or that she can get a portion from Jeremy. God bless you all.

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