Day 87 Update

Ammonia was in the 140’s at midnight. 92 at 6am! So the opposite of what the numbers were showing is what we needed to do. Urea Cycle patients can’t be trusted. So we should be on our way to DC today. Private jet ride number two for this little diva. Dr. Morgan came by and told Ryman that the next time he sees her she will have a new liver.

– God is good. Even when I am terrified and have trouble trusting that he can heal her. He is there for us, holding us and walking with us step by step.

Love you and god is hearing your prayers,

4 thoughts on “Day 87 Update

  1. I’m Laura Morris’s mom (Nancy Dill) & have been so touched by Ryman’s “story” & have been praying for you all. Was so excited to hear the good news this a.m.! May my personal favorite verse, Joshua 1:9, be with you!

  2. Keep trusting in God Brandy. I believe God has a plan for Ryman. You all are in my prayers daily. Love you!

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