Day 89 update

We just got settled into our new room on the floor. We were actually moved to a huge room but it was 90,000 degrees because the A/C wasn’t working properly so I had to ask to be moved. Ryman was so fussy, I think she is going to be like here dad and hate to be hot. Even I was hot in the room which says a lot, I am always freezing. We are now in room 709 which is only a few doors down from the room we stayed in last time. I even saw the nurse we had the night before we left sitting outside the room. I then knew this was the room we were suppose to be in. Funny how you get those feelings sometimes. As I type this Jeremy is on his way here!! I cannot wait to see him, I know he is just excited to see us from the countdown text he has been sending me. Ryman’s ammonia was 85 this morning so we went up to 1.1g of protein. At 3pm it was 101 so we went back down just a hair. They are going to recheck at 11pm. Praying that it goes down. It has just been floating around that area.
I also wanted to mention how blown away I have been by the people who have made offers to give part of their liver to Ryman. Even from people we have never met. If Jeremy isn’t a match I may be calling you so hope you really meant it :).
I love everyone and know that Ryman is going to have so many people in her life.


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