Day 91

Ryman’s numbers are looking great! Today we made it to 1.2g/kg of protein! Her ammonia right after bumping up was 80, we expected the increase since we went up on protein. This evening it was 54!!
Every time the phone rings my heart stops and I think, is this it? Do we have a liver?
Jeremy had to run back to Nashville and then he has one weekend left before he takes some time off to be here in case we get the call and a liver is available. So his Aunt Cathy and cousin Annie drove all way from Florida to be here with us. They are amazing! They along with Aunt Nicole made some goodies for her. A really cute banner, some covers for her picc lines (she has several stylish ones) and today Aunt Cathy helped by sewing some buttons on a dress we cut so she could have an actual outfit on. She is one very loved, very spoiled little girl. She deserves it all!
Right now its just a waiting game. The transplant team widened the range if livers we could except for her to 0-10 years old and up to 30kg. It could be any moment. Please pray for the family and child that will give Ryman a second chance at life. It is such a hard thing to know that getting the call means someone else letting go. I hope that the family, out there somewhere, knows that we will not take one day with their child’s liver for granted. We will hug her ever day and tell her how important this organ is and how a family was generous enough to let their child provide a life for her. I hope we will get to communicate with them and let them be a part of Ryman’s story.
We love you already.
Dear God, you have provided for us through all this and we trust completely that the plan you have for Ryman is a great one. She is your child and we know you hold her close each day. She is proof that prayers are heard and miracles happen. We love you and are so grateful for your provision and blessings. With so much love, Amen.
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8 thoughts on “Day 91

  1. We are rooting for her. That’s myself and all my Sunday School Class. Let’s get little Ryman well and healthy.

  2. So happy to see that smile!! she is such a trouper. Glad the numbers are so good and that so many people love her. We’re rooting for her at AMEC too!

  3. What a beautiful smile and an onery little look 🙂 What a sweety! I hope you two know what a stinker you’re going to have on your hands once she’s up and on her feet, lol. I’m sure you can’t wait.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all each second of every day. We also are praying for the family of Ryman’s future donor! I know it will be bittersweet when that call comes, but what a blessing for Ry to be given her chance at Life. She has already touched so many lives. What a fighter she is.
    Lord, we pray that you continue to protect Ryman, to hold her in your healing hands. We pray that you guide the nurses and Dr’s who deliver her care. Pull Jeremy and Brandy close and ease their fears and doubts, Lord. Stregnthen them for the journey that lies ahead. We ask that you ready the family who will give Ryman her precious gift of life. Wrap them in your arms and assure them that their choice to let their child live on in another is a heavenly blessing! We ask this in the name of God, Amen

  4. As I think about baby girl possibly getting a liver soon, I still can’t help to be sad for the family that will be letting go of their little one and saving ours. Praying the lord gives that family strength as they let go. Although we have no clue who or where they are, I would like to thank them now. Thank you for providing me with the chance to make many auntie-niece memories with my precious baby girl. Thank you for allowing me the chance to see her smile, hear her laugh, and watch her grow. I will be forever in debt to you as parents, and your beautiful angel. I hope to someday meet you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. So, again, Thank you for everything…it’s so much more than a have gifted her with a chance at life.

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