Day 93

Ammonia levels have pretty much stabled off!!!!! We are now testing every 12 hours and slowing bumping her proteins up.

Met with the living donor transplant team yesterday at Georgetown. Not all the test are back yet but looks positive for me to be a candidate. It was very much an information overload yesterday. We find out 100% on aug 7th.

Brandy and I are struggling with some of the information. The whole time we have thought of the living donor route as the backup plan. The surgeon informed us that it’s actually the safest for Ryman. We’ll know exactly what she’s getting, family history, and it can be done in the next room so the organ wouldn’t go on ice. Safest for her doesn’t mean safe for me. This is a major surgery and will have a recovery time of 6-12 weeks. Don’t get me wrong. If I can do it I AM IN. Just having 2 family members down at the same time doesn’t sound easy.

We still are at the top of the list so before the 7th we could have a liver. My prayer for the next 2 weeks is to be 100% confident in the decision. If I am not suppose to be a living donor I hope that door is closed, because if they say yes on the 7th I’ll want to schedule it ASAP! Why is not being in control so dang hard!


3 thoughts on “Day 93

  1. Jeremy and Brandy I certainly see the reasons for the questions, and all the information – trying to process requires a higher power to make the path perfectly clear. I pray that The Lord’s plan is made crystal clear to both of you, and a peace that only He gives. I. can’t imagine walking in your steps. I love you both so much, and will continue to pray daily. Brandy must be having great struggles with this option. Love and many prayers for God’s miracle to be manifested in each one of you. You’re a beautiful family, and God must really have special plans to allow you to walk this walk. He will use every experience, and work it all for good. Hold tightly to Him.

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