Day 113

Jeremy did great with the arteriogram. He was pretty sore and had a really long day but all in all everything looked good. Dr. Matsumoto got to look at it today and said it is a 100% go. I am so proud of my husband and the father he is. Hoping we can get the surgery scheduled soon while Ryman is doing so well. Her ammonia was 24!! this morning. It’s been staying low which is great. She isn’t even on monitors any longer. We are basically just living at the hospital and waiting. We are going to start testing ammonia levels every other day now. Jeremy flew home for a couple days to finish up some stuff and will be back on Friday. We miss him so much already. Poppy left today too, just Ry and I in our DC penthouse hospital room :). That’s what all the nurses call Ryman’s room. We had so many visitors after the boys left today. They made sure to let the nurses know we would be here by ourselves so they would come check on us often. We weigh Ryman every night and she was 11 lbs 14 oz!! She is going to be 12 lbs for the surgery after all.
This past week our friends Wes, Amy & Brigham came to visit. They changed their beach vacation to DC last time we were here. Amazing friends!! It was so good to get to see them and get out of the hospital. Speaking of getting out, thanks to Jeremy’s dad, we have been able to do dinner out and Jeremy even talked me into riding bikes all over the city. I have now seen almost all of the memorials and monuments. It really was a great evening and a memory with Jeremy that I will never forget. I think it is important to make a few of those during this time. I really don’t want to look back on Ry’s first few months and just remember the hospital.
Thinking about what is to come, Jeremy and I are both at a great place with knowing this is the open door right now. But continued prayer that everything keeps moving in the right direction and for strength for all 3 of us. This is an exciting yet scary time. We love you all!











3 thoughts on “Day 113

  1. Sweety, I am so happy for you guys and yet have so much …”I don’t even know the word! ” it’s not worry or fear, I just wish things were easier for you all. But just think of how simple life will be once Jer and Ry get on their feet. Nothing will be able to hold you guys down, lol. All the normal little daily stressers will seem so small.
    I think it is so fitting that you gave birth and now Jeremy gets to give life, with God’s help of course! When he gets back,give him a nice long hug from me.
    Those pics are so sweet, she is getting to be a camera lover and you look so beautiful! You and Jer take every oppurtunity to get in some hubby wife time, it is very much needed. It’ll keep you strong and connected! Love and prayers always

  2. It is great hearing the good new’s and is understandable why you two would be scared. I know that I’m not going through what you two and Rymans have already gone through but I do know you must find comfort when looking back and seeing how much God has done for y’all. Ryman is a very beautiful little girl and I am Amazed every time I see a pitcher of her and she looks so healthy, then there’s her smile, well, it just does my heart good,it in itself feels like a blessing that has been given to me from God!
    You all are in my prayers day and night and many times in between, praying for Ryman and knowing many other brothers and sisters are also, and then watching God Goodness prevail, well, it helps those who are praying also. We who believe, love the spiritual miracles that blossoms like the rose, one petal at a time, it reminds us to always be ready and prepared for anything that life wants to throw our way.
    God Bless and please give Ryman a kiss from all who love her and you two also!

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