Day 113 update

Just when we feel like we have wrapped our heads around Jeremy being the donor we got some news today.
I had called Ryman’s coordinator today and she gave us some information that we hadn’t heard yet. So upon calling the living donor coordinator Jeremy was told that Ryman is not quite big enough to recieve the portion of his liver yet. It’s not that they just want her bigger, it’s that they would not physically be able to fit the portion of his liver they need into her. They would need her to be between 8-10 kilos. She is currently 5.4 kilos. So we have some time between now and then. So we wait. We will still be awaiting a call for a cadavier liver in the mean time but it’s look like it could be 2 months or more before Ryman is big enough to recieve Jermey’s liver. So that door isn’t closed it just isn’t as open as we thought it was. We should find out tomorrow what the plan will be until then. Will we stay in the hospital until we either get the call or she is big enough to recieve a portion of Jeremy’s liver? Or will we get discharged and stay with Julie and Corey?
Jeremy was pretty bummed because we had just gotten to the point of having processed everything and were thinking things could move forward in a week or two. The wait continues, maybe God is trying to teach us a lesson in patience.
God, we will wait, We pray that Ryman stays healthy until that time comes. Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers during this crazy time.

Much love, Brandy


5 thoughts on “Day 113 update

  1. Oh Brandy…can’t imagine being on this roller coaster ride. But surely there is a reason for this! Will pray that your and Jeremy’s strong faith will keep you patient, and that Ryman will maintain high weight and low numbers. It will work out the way it’s supposed to. Loving, loving, loving the pictures of your beautiful girl!!

  2. Brandy, just when you think everything is set, another unexpected turn, it’s crazy. But there must be some reason we can’t see yet, and a purpose. She is growing and doing well , and since she doesn’t understand, there must be something we adult’s need to know, or experience during this waiting time. Hold fast to your faith that God’s perfect will will be done. I am so thankful that Ryman is a happy, loved baby girl. I just wish I could be there with you.

  3. It’s human nature to just want to jump and do it right away, but God knows it isn’t the right timing. I am sure the waiting is so hard and tiring, but it is what’s best. Have patience, pray and enjoy every little smile, babble and twinkle in Rymans eyes! I know that the days seem to drag on forever, but before you know it, it will be a memory placed forever in the back of your mind….. Followed with lots of much happier memories of days that seem to fly by way to fast! Praying that Ry’s numbers remain low and that she fattens up and is ready to get her gift from daddy soon. Daddy, we’ll keep praying that God gives you clairity and peace with all you have running thru your mind.
    Hugs and Love to you all…..

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