Day 114 (via night 116)

Sorry, this was written when Jeremy was on his way back to DC. Forgot to post it.

I’m headed back to DC right now. Very excited to see both my girls.

Been a tough few days for me. I took the delay on being a living donor pretty bad. I’m still processing it. It’s hard to feel like things are all falling into place just to have em ripped out from under you. It took Brandy and me quite a bit of convincing to get to the decision on living donor option. We truly believed that was the BEST option period not just because of timing. The research and pros/cons made that a educated confident decision. Now personally I’m questioning what happens if we get a call tomorrow with a cadaver liver. Is it the right move or should we wait for her to grow. Add into the equation that at 6 month the metabolic team expects another spike due to growth. It’s a giant moving target.

My struggle through this whole thing just keeps coming back to control. You think after 3 months of chaos you’d get use to it a little. Ya don’t. I keep reaching for the reigns to act in control of this situation. Why???? We continue to have needs met before we even know they exist. Ya life isn’t comfortable right now sleeping in recliners and couches but it’s just a chapter of Ryman’s story.


One thought on “Day 114 (via night 116)

  1. Just wanted to say we love you all, I know god hears each prayer sent up
    Ryman is so beautiful, and very loved. God bless you all

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