Day 118 – immunizations

Speaking of immunizations, I thought this would be the right time to talk about what our post transplant life will look like.
Ryman cannot be exposed to anyone who is sick, has recently been sick, or is unvaccinated between now and when she receives a new liver. Good thing is we will be at Julie and Corey’s and even though we miss you all it is probably best that we are here and won’t have many visitors.
Also, she cannot be exposed to anyone who is sick, has recently been sick, or is unvaccinated for about six months after she receives the new liver.
The first limitation has to do with not only the catastrophic, potentially deadly, effects of a fever on her body, and the additional irreparable neurological damage she could suffer, but also the fact that being sick could temporarily prevent her from being eligible for surgery, and risk the possibility of missing out on the right liver if it became available.
The second limitation has to do with the fact that she may not have all of her own vaccinations prior to the surgery, we coulnd’t do the rotovirus vaccine because it is partially live, as well as the fact that she will be on a cocktail of medications which include immunosuppressants, which will help her body to not reject the liver, but also make it more difficult for the body to fight off a variety of other diseases.
So if you’re in any of the above categories, please don’t get your feelings hurt if you don’t have an opportunity to see us or our Ryman for a bit after the transplant. But also, if you or your children are not vaccinated, please consider doing so. October is the month for flu shots so if you want to visit once we are home PLEASE get vaccinated. Also, if you haven’t had a tetnus shot in a couple years (most probably have with the flood) those are great because the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is included.
Love you all, thanks for listening, and for doing your part in ensuring Ryman has the best chance possible for a long and healthy a life as possible.


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