Day 118

So the check list got modified but we are getting close.
1) Got 4 month immunizations with no fever over night! Woo Hoo! But they decided to keep us an extra night to watch her just in case. So tomorrow is now discharge day!
2) Removed PICC line from her arm and we now will not be discharged with the one in her leg. SHe will get stuck twice a week for lab draws but we think that is better than the risk of infection if we go home with a PICC. Also, we can give her a much needed bath. She smells like Buphenyl which is not very pleasant.
3) Now we don’t need a home nurse, yay!
4) Clinic will be on Monday’s and Thursday’s at 10am, hopefully we miss any rush hour traffic.
5) Still working on getting medicaitoions and formula, having an issue with insurance even though they were coving it before we got admitted.
6) Did the screening for Cystic Fibrosis,
Thank you lord!
Tomorrow expect the picture of Ryman in her second leaving the hospital outfit!


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