Day 119

We have officially moved in to Casa de Snyder! Ryman’s last line was removed today, ammonia was 53 and everything looked great so we got to take her out of the hospital and to a home! We will go back to clinic on Friday to have her level checked and starting next week we will do every Monday and Thursday. Scary to not have nurses and doctors checking on her every few hours but sleeping in a bed is going to feel amazing. We had some great nurses and doctors this stay. Being in a hospital for over a month you start to build relationships with the staff and we are definitely going to miss them. Jen, Maureen, Chris, Rachel, Liz, Megan, Kerri, Beckie, Adriane, Sarah, Dr. Beck, the entire metabolic team and so many more if you read the blog you better come visit while we are at Georgetown. Rachel, I’m holding you to the dinner you promised! We are so grateful for the amazing nurses that made 32 days in the hospital not as bad as it could have been. They came to tell Ry bye but also that they would miss us. Such a good feeling to know that they genuinely care for us and Ry. We really can’t say enough about how great this stay was.
We love you all! Thank you lord for allowing us to sleep in a bed, giving us friends who open their home to us and a baby, a home cooked meal from Corey, allowing us to give our baby girl a much needed bath and our family and friends who are continually supporting and praying for us.




3 thoughts on “Day 119

  1. Was Miss Diva disappointed that she was chaffuered home in a car and not by her heli, lol. So happy that everything is positive rite now! You guys enjoy being out of the penthouse and hopefully the next few months will be uneventful. We’ll continue praying for you all, just know that we love you and you 3 are always in our thoughts and in our hearts!

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