Day 121

Hi guys, we were discharged on Wednesday. Got two nights out of the hospital. Ammonia was 124 this morning and now 202. Getting central line to start Ammonul. Couldn’t get picc line because Ryman ate at 11:30am and they wouldn’t stay past 5 to do her today. Central line until Monday. I really don’t understand why they can’t have people staffed 24 hours a day to so picc lines. People get sick outside of the 8-5 work day. Prayers that the central line goes in smoothly and Ammonul gets started soon. Not sure why her ammonia is up, she vomited this morning right before we were bringing her to clinic. This was right before she puked. Happy baby.


6 thoughts on “Day 121

  1. I know you don’t know me but I know Alan and Patti and I pray for you and think of your family daily. God’s peace and love be with you!

  2. You’d think they’d at least have someone on call for “off hours PICC’s. there’s a group here in Nashville that does that for several hospitals. I’m sorry they don’t have that there. I know it’s frustrating.
    She’s darling though and such a little
    Prayers for getting out of the hospital and staying out for a while!

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