They just took Ryman back! Should get updated sometime during the surgery with how its going. She was smiling and happy. Ammonia level was about the same as it was this morning. This is such a crazy feeling. Excitement, scared, worried, happy. Everything you can feel. BLESSED!
Cute pic from yesterday that I can’t resist posting!


Dad made it!






8 thoughts on “OR

  1. Jeremy and Brandy. . .my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I will be watching for updates to your blog though out the night. Ryman is a beautiful, “chubby” little girl. She can do this. You all have the strength, and God’s love watching over you. Love you all!!! You can do this!!

  2. I’ll be up checking all night, love and prayers to you guys during the wait. I know I was a wreck during Adam’s appendectomy, hopefully knowing everyone is praying for you will help get you through until you see her sweet face in recovery. Much love!

  3. Will keep praying checking for update thru out the night! So so happy Jeremy made it there so you could have a family cuddle before surgery. Can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions rite now. Sure hope you guys can feel our love, wish so much we could be there to hug you and help hold you up thru the night! God has Ryman in his arms, just as he has since she was born. We are all witnessing a miracle! What an awesome God we have….. Sending so much love!

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