Liver is on route to us now. It has past all the test. Surgery scheduled for 9 tonight. Grabbing some dinner now.

Gonna use this as a running blog all day for people wanting to keep up

I’m on the 1:35 flight to DC and can’t wait to get there. I’ve truly never been this excited in my life. Here is what I think Brandy said.

Attending doc is flying to Texas to look at the liver. If he green lights it we’ll be a go. I’ve never loved Texas more. We will update as soon as more info is available. Gonna be a crazy 24 hours. Please continue to take a second to pray for the family that is having to go through such a terrible lose for us to receive this gift.


12 thoughts on “THE CALL UPDATE

  1. Praying all day for you–& will have our church family praying…can’t wait to meet you THREE someday! Nancy Dill (Laura Morris’s mom)

  2. Praying that Ry comes thru the surgery with amazing results and that Mommy and Daddy continue to lean on God for strength and guidance. we love you guys and wish we could be with you rite now. Know that we will be praying continuously for all of you!

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