Day 1 Post Transplant

Day 1 has been really good. Ryman’s sugar was high and is now a little low. They are doing such am amazing job monitoring her. Hard to believe that this time last night she was going into the O.R. and about to begin the surgery. She is so stinking strong! They started to wean her from the paralyzes medication today and she woke up, started moving around and even opened her eyes and made a sad pucker face. Broke my heart but so amazing to see her sweet eyes and see her squirming around. She is off of Ammonul and her last ammonia was in the 40’s. They gave her some more meds to make her comfortable since she is waking up.
I have talked about reading other mom’s blogs of children who have had transplants. I have been in contact with Katie whose daughter Luca had CPS1 and was also transplanted at Georgetown. We got to meet for the first time today. She came to drip of goodies and a new notebook for me to keep my medical mom notes in. She was so encouraging and Ryman is even in the same ICU room that Luca was in post transplant. Luca was transplanted almost 3 years ago. We loved getting to meet Katie today and get some advice for what to look for and what may be to come. Thank you Katie!
We are loving the nurses and doctors here but we really do miss our team. I know we will soon have relationships with the team here but it will be tough to beat those we have developed at Children’s. Miss you guys, of course Ryman gets a liver when some of you are in Barcelona. She has a tendency to do crazy things when people leave town.
Jeremy and I got to grab lunch today and we are having a nice dinner outside the hospital. We are so grateful that his parents and grandmother have the ability to leave work and come be here. It will really help make this long journey much easier. You guys are amazing, We know there are so many family and friends who want to be here with us and please know that we feel your prayers in your absence.
We will update with more news as the night/morning progresses.



3 thoughts on “Day 1 Post Transplant

  1. J&B&R

    Don’t no what I do wrong but I have left so many posts and rarely do they make it. I’m trying again!! We read about Ry and her progress every time u update. I was up at 3:30
    My time to check on status of surgery. Found her update when I let Elvis out at 6:30 my time.Mountain time. We love ur love of ur baby, ur love of God, and ur love of each other!
    We pray for u all and all her teams continually!!! God Bless u with peace n this next phase of her perfection!!! We r praying for her donars family and rest for them as they move forward also!

    RB and Tila Dunn (Clare’s Parents)

  2. That is the most precious picture ever! What a little fighter that nugget is. My oh my, you guy are going to be in so much trouble when you get her home and she is crawling and then walking…. She is a force to be reaconed with 🙂 Hugs, kisses, love and prayers to you all ! Ryman, you keep on kicking butt little lady…..

  3. thanks for your continual updates:) We are so grateful for God’s protection for Ryman and provision in the medical team you are working with. So glad you were able to meet Katie…what a help to be in touch with someone who’s walked in your shoes. Prayers…Kathy & Rick Rupp

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