Day 129/Day 1

Today is Ryman’s 129th day of life yet her 1st day with this new gift of life she has been given! I hope that someday we know the family and child that gave her the chance to really thrive. I know the God who did this and I know that he is good. It’s hard not to feel sad for the family but I know that they chose to give life to other children in the midst of their loss. What amazing parents. I truly believe that Ryman was meant to have their child’s liver. We don’t always understand why God would take one from this Earth but in this moment we know that he did so for many other children to live. I will make Ryman aware of what loss was experienced and cherish their child and morn as if it were my own. Yet I will not discount the blessing that they were able to give. What a selfless amazing thing to do. I do not know of a bigger blessing anyone could give to another human being, Life. Think of the life that could be saved if we were all so generous with opportunities that God gives us.
I can not even tell you how heavy my heart is for them but how much I do not want to miss the rejoicing of their child’s ultimate gifts. Somewhere in this country there are several other families rejoicing because this child could have allowed for a heart, lung, potentially 2 kidney transplants, and even more. How amazing to think that one child could have saved the life of multiple children yesterday. To be on this Earth for such a short amount of time, what a wonderful legacy they will leave and how many lives they have changed forever.
Update on Ryman:
We didn’t sleep at all and played mexican train all night. They brought is a cot to her room so Jeremy and I have been able to grab a little sleep. She looks so great. Just finished rounds and everything seems good. Goal is to come off Ammonul first today and then if ammonia is good she will come off lipids and if still good lower the D10. Goal is to be off ventilator tomorrow. Liver numbers are improving. Has metabolic acidosis but they do not seem concerned about the number. Sugar is high so upping the insulin dose. Clotting numbers are not so good so they are doing heparin bolus every few hours to stay ahead of it. Blood flow in all veins look good. So far so good, praying it continues to go smoothly. Love you all! -B


10 thoughts on “Day 129/Day 1

  1. Brandy, your husband and you are so strong. It amazing the power and strength God gives his children. Praise The Lord on the gift of new life. I will continue to pray for everything to continue to get better. I pray that the numbers are leveled. Your daughter is a blessing and God will use her to do great things. I know it. Love ya

  2. Praising God and continuing to pray for Ryman and her donor family. Your thoughts are beautiful and spot on! How do you do it on so little sleep? Just remember, the precious donor is in the sweet sweet arms of Jesus and in the light of eternity that little one has fulfilled her/his earthly mission and we will all meet that precious one someday! I love you Brandy and Jeremy and Ryman!

  3. What wonderful news! My heart is overjoyed. Prayers for healing and good health for Ryman and a feeling of encouragement for the other family in knowing that even during their loss their child was able to give life to others.

  4. Brandy, I love your heart. You are an amazing woman of God! I pray for Ryman’s numbers to level. The little nugget is such a fighter. Love love love you and hope you get a little rest.

  5. As I sit reading your story, my heart is so moved. Brandy and Jeremy you are both so amazing! You have walked through this journey so well! Your posts are always so honest-they remind me of King David, who always shared his heart before God but always came back to “yet, will I praise You”. I know you don’t know us very well only through Patti and Allan, but we love you and are so proud of you. We will continue to pray, believing for complete healing for Ryman. And also for peace and strength for you. Blessings to you!

  6. Happy New Birthday Ryman!! This day will be so special for her as December 15 is for me. I sent prayer requests out last night and got responses back from as far away as Japan. God bless you all in the coming recovery days and weeks. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. God has blessed you. Special prayers for her donor angel and family. May their grief be eased by knowing that they saved precious lives.

  7. We’ve been keeping up with your journey through family. Praise God for this “Gift of Life”!! He is an awesome God & blesses us beyond measure. Praying that all goes well & He continues to bless your family.

  8. I posted your blog link to the office page hoping your story would inspire more Butler Countians & Kentuckians to register to be an organ & tissue donor. We never know when someone we love may need that “Gift of Life”. Thanks for sharing.

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