In her room

Ryman is back in her room. Ventilator is on all the lowest settings. Vitals look great. The next 12 hours will be trying to wean her from it as much as possible. sarLove you and thank you all so much for the encouragement and prayers!
God is leading her and has given us so much peace through this process. Ry and ECMO, the lamb given to her from the ECMO team at Vandy, has been a symbolic reminder along this whole journey.



6 thoughts on “In her room

  1. Hate seeing all those cords on that sweet angel… But am SOOOOO happy and thankful she’s on the mend and your posts have been a blessing!!! Could not wait to read this!!!!! LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!! Continually praying! XOXOXOXOXXO

  2. God is good! We don’t understand why things happen like they do but He is being glorified thru your testimony and sweet little Ryman. Prayers & hugs, Joanie

  3. I had to check on my Ryman update before anything else this morning. I’m so glad the surgery is over and she is doing well.

  4. Miracles in Life happen every moment. It has been incredible that Jeremy and Brandy have maintained a blog throughout these trials and tribulations. You have given life to a very special Little lady, Miss Ryman. She has already undoubtably, touched many hearts and lives. Thank you God for all those who give their all to see such miracles happen. We live in a miraculous time. Love is all around you.

  5. Thank you Lord for watching over our littlest princess, thank you for keeping her healthy enough until the right donor was ready. Thank you for bringing her thru the surgery with no problems. Thank you for being there with Brandy and Jeremy ALWAYS! Please Lord continue to hold her in your loving hands and heal her little body with your amazing love. I ask that you give the donor family peace of mind and heal their hearts Lord. May they someday know that their selfless act gave another child a beautiful life that will never be taken for granted. I pray this all in Gods name, Amen.

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