Day 130 update

She just took her Prograf orally, like a champ! So the feeding tube is out and she is sucking on her paci! She is amazing me every moment.


4 thoughts on “Day 130 update

  1. MIRACELOUS! There is no other word for her. That is one adorable picture. So good to see her thru out this whole ordeal. We love you guys and are there with you, in spirit!
    Can you imagine that there was a time when you weren’t sure if you wanted to be a mommy …. Looking at her , Doesn’t your heart thank God that he decided that you should be her mommy ! He knew that you and Jeremy had what it takes to travel Rymans journey and share her story, to touch others and to make a difference. I’ve always been proud of you, but proud isn’t a big enough word for the emotions I have for you now. !!You Rock!!

  2. Fellow UCD Mama here…keeping your family in prayer as you navigate the road ahead! Many of our family and friends are praying as well.

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