Day 131 – happy

We are so utterly happy!




4 thoughts on “Day 131 – happy

  1. You are high and lifted up
    HOLY HOLY HOLY! Shinning in the Light of your Glory! Pouring out your POWER and LOVE! Holy Holy HOLY! We see YOU!

    Here we are to Worship~to bow down ~here to say that You are our God! You are all together Lovely! Altogether Worthy! All together wonderful to us! You are Wonderful to me! King of All Days!

    Lord we give you our Heart and our Souls! This is our desire to Honor You! To worship YOU!
    We will live for you alone! Every Breath we take~every moment we are awake~Lord have your way in us!

    Jesus~Jesus ~Holy an anointed one! Jesus~Jesus~ risen and exulted one! Jesus ~Your name is like honey on my lips! Your Spirit like water to our soul! Your word is a lamp unto our feet! Jesus~we LoveYou!

    In the morning when we arise, give us Jesus! When we are alone~ give us Jesus! You can have all this world~ just give us YOU!
    When we come to die just give us JESUS!

    We Exult your Name! You have done Great Things!

    These were the songs playing as I read your Happy Post!
    I rejoice and worship with you!
    May the JOY of The Lord give you great strength! I Love you!

  2. I’m betting holding her rite now, brings even more elation than the day she was aorn! So so happy to see these pictures.

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