Day 131

1:20 in the AM and I’m cuddled up next to Brandy sleeping on the most uncomfortable TWIN mattress listening to Rye sleep.

You could probably read that and think I was complaining. In fact the complete opposite. Still completely in awe of this whole situation. How did I end up with these two amazing little ladies in my life. I could not imagine going through this with any other woman then B. She is an OAK. Not only has she kept the docs/nurse on point with Rye but kept me from losing it. Funny thing is she’s been doing it for the last 5 years and I just now noticed.

I don’t think y’all realize how tough this little nugget is! Ryman continues to beat all expectations. We went into transplant having a fairly low expectations level. Read a ton and didn’t want to even consider best case scenarios. Seemed easier to expect middle of the road/worst and then not be disappointed. She’s kicking transplants butt. Wasted energy and stress for no reason.

Please please please take a moment to count your blessings but also look for your miracles. Yeah life isn’t what we planned right now and is pretty terrible on paper but trust me…..We couldn’t be happier. We are getting to experience so much through this little miracle.

Humbled dad here

Old pic of B&R



9 thoughts on “Day 131

  1. Jer… This totally made me cry! We are all so proud of how you both have handled all this curveball has thrown at you. We love you so much and are proud to be your friends! Can’t wait for y’all to come home!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It made me cry. We have been praying for all of you! Definitely puts things into perspective. Humbled with you. – Tracie

  3. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Humbled by/with y’all. Ryman is SO CUTE & definitely a little butt-kicker!! She’s a champ!

  4. So happy and continuing to pray for all of you. Love your description of B as an oak. Have never heard it before, but worthy of use for very few people. You are a blessed man.

  5. Jeremy, Brandy was my practices baby, she was born when I was 12, so I have adored her since birth! I always wanted her to grow up and have the most amazing life imaginable. I would have loved for the 2 of you to have had a sweet healthy baay girl and for life to had been grand. But, I look at Ryman and all that you guys have been thru and I see an amazing family. Full of Faith, Full of Hope and Full of Love. Thru all the worry, stess, pain and sleepless nights, you are able to see God’s gift and give him praise! You are such a gift to Brandy and Rye, I thank God that she has that life I wanted her to have. I know that Ryman will grow healthy and that you and Brandy will prosper in life. May the feelings you have for her at this moment always forever be showered upon her. I love you Jeremy, and thank you for taking care of my baby. And for making me cry this morning….

  6. Brandy that is such a good picture of u and Rumania. U have such a beautiful daughter. She’s got them big browns eyes like u and Sara. May God be with all of you through this.

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