Day 132

We got moved to a bigger room in the transplant unit. Not as big as our room at Children’s but still big enough for us to both sleep here with her. We just got to feed her too!!!! It was only 15ml of Pedialyte but she loved it! She gets 15ml every 3 hours and if she does well she can do 30ml and then we can try Similac!!! Amazing!





8 thoughts on “Day 132

  1. It’s so awesome to see that little smile! She looks so good. You guys are still in my thoughts and prayers. Much love ❤

  2. What an amazing God we have! Praise those Drs and Nurses who have blessed hands. It is unbelievable the knowledge and skill that our lord has anointed them with. Years of schooling may produce a Dr, but it takes Gods hand to make a healer! Prayers continue for you all and for the family of a very special angel.

  3. Congrats!! Everything seems to be going great! Prayers are being answered. She looks so happy in the picture. We’re still praying for y’all.

  4. I am so happy for sweet Ryman and your family! Thank you for keeping us all updated; I think about her and you two often and will continue to pray for your family. Next time I see you on 7 East, maybe you’ll just be visiting! 😉

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