Day 136 – really?

So the artery was in really bad shape. The clot was like a tree branch into a lot of vessels. The bile ducts were already green and dead which means this probably happened a few days ago. Maybe Thursday when she stopped eating. So we need a NEW LIVER. I guess two livers in a lifetime just isn’t enough. She is being listed as a Status 1A. Highest possible listing. She can be okay without the blood flow from that vein so they cauterized the vessel. Not sure when another liver will come but really hoping it is soon.


8 thoughts on “Day 136 – really?

  1. Oh my goodness, wow. I hurt for you. But I am thankful that they were able to cauterize the vein. My thoughts are with you all.

  2. Keeping Ryman and you and Jeremy in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there guys, God is watching out for you.

    Kiera McNamara

  3. Brandy & Jeremy,
    Just wanted you to know that we are praying everyday for both you all and baby Ryman. I haven’t written because I know you all are so busy taking care of business there but I don’t want you to think we aren’t thinking of you. Me & Marilyn and our families are checking your blog several times a day and texting everyone to pray extra at times like these. You are in our hearts and on our minds. Our Church is following your blog on their web page and Ryman is being lifted up in prayer to a loving and gracious God by people that don’t even know you all but love you and Ryman. My grand children pray for Ryman daily at mealtimes and bedtime and God loves his little children so I’m certain he hears their prayers. I just want you to know we love you and God is still in control. Your strength is amazing!! and we know all things are possible with our Lord in the middle of it. Love you. Millie

  4. This is the same issue Kai had, but they caught it earlier and were able to fix it in the 2nd surgery. I hope and pray that a new liver becomes available soon and that this time it goes off without a hitch. Love and prayers for all of you, especially sweet Ryman.

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