Day 136

Ryman’s fever was gone through the night but came back this morning. Dr. Kaufman is here today and he is very thorough. We have already done blood cultures, X-rays, ultrasounds and checking her JP drain output. The ultrasound showed less blood flow in the hepatic artery than the last one they did. This could mean that there is a clot. They will be doing a CT arteriogram around 6pm tonight and if there is a clot they will take her straight to surgery to remove it.
Please pray that there is no clot and surgery will not be needed!
Love you all.


5 thoughts on “Day 136

  1. Our continuous prayers are with precious Ryman. Special prayers with you and Jeremy also Sweety. I can’t fathom the surge of emotions the two of you must be experiencing! Continue turning to God and trusting that he will walk with you each step of every day. When you come to a hill that seems impossible to climb, he will be there to carry you over. Our love is there with you, though we are miles away…

  2. Prayers for Rye and the family. We’ve been through it too. If you want to talk to a parent who’s been In your position let me know. My granddaughter will be 9 years old in November and my son & DIL are very informed,Reagan – my granddaughter had her liver transplant at one month old. I hope everything goes well for all of you! Cindie

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