Day 137 liver part deuce

Here is what we know. Status 1a means we are in an emergency situation. We might have weeks or days before her liver fails. Status 1a should get us another liver (fingers crossed) within a week. They will also not be using the hepatic artery. They will be tapping into aorta with hopes for a much smoother connection. Crazy to think that she will be having a second transplant.

Unfortunately my liver is still to large so we have to wait. Gonna try and give blood today since Rye and me are the same type for them to use during the transplant.


6 thoughts on “Day 137 liver part deuce

  1. Prayers are with you Jeremy! There is nothing in this world more heartbreaking than being totally unable to do something when our babies are sick! Wish there were words of wisdom that I could pass onto you. My only wisdom is touch Ryman all you can and talk to her softly every oppurtunity you get. She will feel the love and thrive on it. She’s a fighter and with God in her corner, she will be Victorious!
    Kind of fitting that you guys chose to spell her name Ali, as in Muhammad Ali, lol…. Kick butt Baby Girl

  2. Praying for you. Hold fast to your faith in a God that is greater than any set back, curve, detour, or change in plan. Love to all. I’m a call away if I can do anything.

  3. Been thinking of you all and praying all weekend. I am so sorry it has happened this way, but better things can still come! God is close and loves Ryman. Praying also that you two parents can keep your strength and some peace. You both amaze us all every day.

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