Day 138

So we got word about an hour ago that they may have a potential liver for Ryman! Praying that this one is it. Of course, it could still fall through. Hard not to get your hopes up but we know this liver is bigger and may not fit.
Even if it is not for her the good thing is that Ryman’s liver function numbers have continued to come down. For someone with a major clot and now no blood supply from the hepatic artery you would expect much worse numbers. She is actually in a good place for waiting for one right now.
Still would be amazing to get one today though. Prayers!!!!



12 thoughts on “Day 138

  1. Will be praying all day for God’s will to be done and trusting him with each step! Love you guys, give that little fighter a kiss for us.

  2. God is good and never fails to surprise us when our circumstances feel dark or hopeless. We continue to pray for your little miracle!

  3. Though I am far away and unknown, I send prayers for strength and courage and whispers to Gods angels to find a new liver quickly. May God bless you all. Folly Darling.

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