Day 139

Ry was just taken off the ventilator. Excited because she is awake and we may be able to hold her again. No new offers over night or today, I know the right one will come. Things can’t always be on our timeline. As much as we want them to be, I know his timing is always better than mine. We got to meet the other family who received the liver that was too big for Ryman. They are so sweet and I am happy that it went to another Urea Cycle patient. Her surgery went well and she is in the room across from us in the PICU. Her father had me in tears last night when he got so emotional talking about being able to give her a piece of cake on her next birthday. She is 2 years old. Prayers that she heals quickly and has no complications.
Ali-gator off the vent:



8 thoughts on “Day 139

  1. Oh my Goodness, that Ali-gator is just so so adorable! Hoping that you get to snuggle her very soon. I can imagine that being one of the hardest things, not getting to hold her.
    Please let the family who received the liver know that they are being prayed for by many! Praise God that their little one was able to get a second chance at life! I know Ry’s time will come, God knows that all is for the best! Love and Prayers

  2. I love this little bug! Love you guys too. Your words are truly inspiring. Your faith is amazing. Praying for you guys everyday. Will come visit soon! Hugs!

  3. Praying for Jesus to keep his Angels all around her and that she will receive her new liver and be healed completely!! We would love to hold this little doll!!

  4. Continued Prayers for you all and Precious Ryman. I know that God is working on an amazing testimony that you all will be able to share and change lives for many, many years to come. Your faith is amazing and God will reward your faithfulness. Lots of Love from Morgantown!!

  5. Prayers going out to yall. I’ve been following Rymans story for awhile and she is such a fighter. Praying the next one is a fit and she can keep fighting in recovery.

  6. Brandy,
    We are praying hard for you guys!! I’ve been so touched by Ryman’s story! I want you to know you are definitely the strongest mommy I know!! Caroline and I say a special prayer for Ryman every night before bed! We are hopeful for a new liver soon!!
    Rachel Grubb Givens

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