Day 141

Happy 30th birthday Jeremy! You are simply amazing!
One year ago today we saw Ryman for the first time at our ultrasound. It was Jeremy’s 29th birthday, today he turns 30 and we wait for our little girl to get another liver transplant. It’s been a crazy year and I am sure this one will be filled with lots of crazy but I wouldn’t want to spend it with any two people in the world. I can not even begin to tell you how amazing my husband is and how lucky I know I am. I can not imagine going through this without Jeremy at my side.
Ryman is doing okay. She has had a low grade fever again. Her liver numbers look good but we are still having some issues with her ammonia. We started her back on Buphenyl but are hoping that once her protein is upped that it will level out. Prayers that she is okay until another liver becomes available. We are trusting but it is always so hard to let go of the reins.
We have also been so blessed by people donating and wanting to help out. It is so amazing the number of lives that Ry’s story as touched already.
Much love,





4 thoughts on “Day 141

  1. My name is Diana, I am Sawyers grandma and Carla has been keeping me updated on Ryman. My prayers are with you, your husband and Ryman and I know God will bless her. Please let me or Carla know if there is anything we can do to help.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hoping that the 2 of you can find time to get away for a little birthday fun.
    Happy to hear that Nugget is holding her own and praying that she’s able to get stronger each day so things will go smoother when her nxt transplant comes around. Believe me Sweety, as a parents we always wish we could do more for our little ones. It’s not that we don’t trust God fully, it’s the paternally instinct that God gives us! Just keep praying, trust me, God doesn’t get tired of hearing from you, lol.
    Tons of love from us all, give Jer a big birthday hug from me and tell him I said Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my girl for me, love ya Hun!

  3. Happy Birthday Jeremy! Brandy thanks for the update and the pictures! We love you three and pray for Ryman and you both often.

  4. J,B&R
    Happy BD to u Jeremy!!! Oh to b 30 again. Clare has a gig back out here n the wild west next weekend so I’ve been running helping to advertise way out here. We r so isolated and the concert is 4 hours back east of here. We call that close, we r so excited to see her and want all the folks this way to know about her. We haven’t missed ur updates and believing steadfast for Rymans liver. We love ur baby girl and the love and devotion u have to and for her and each other. U r a wonderful family! We pray continually!
    RB&Tila Dunn

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