Day 147 – O.R. Scheduled

Got a YES from the state. They have scheduled the O.R. for 11pm tonight. Dr. Island said he will be going to retrieve the liver himself. The child is a little bigger than Ryman and the liver will be a little bigger than the last one but he thinks it will be a good size for her. So it’s a GO. We know things can still happen but we are rejoicing right now. Prayers that this surgery is even smoother than the last. They might have some trouble getting vein access since she has been poked so many times but the anesthesiologist said that he can find ways to get access when they need it. Thanking god for always providing.
Also, I have mentioned how amazing my company and co-workers are but they deserve and extra thank you from us today. I had used all my vacation time last week and my supervisor just informed me that HR allowed people to donate time to me again. How truly amazing! I can not thank everyone enough for me not having to stress about working during such a crazy time. I love you all!


19 thoughts on “Day 147 – O.R. Scheduled

  1. I was praying for you and then saw this update! So happy for you, and will continue to pray for a successful surgery and no complications.

  2. PRAISE!
    Like I told Sheremy….when he called me to deliver the good news, I was doing a happy dance & giving high-fives out to all my co-workers! hahaha! Can’t wait to see ya’ll this weekend!
    Love Ya’ll!

  3. I look for updates daily and I’m so happy to see all of this today! Prayers for you all, the docs, the nurses. Prayers for the family that lost so that this could happen for Ryman.

  4. Will pray thru out the night that Ryman comes thru surgery with flying colors and that this time around her little body does amazing. Praise to God, what an awesome loving God we have! Prayers once again for the angel donor, rest in Heaven sweet little one and watch over Ryman from above. Tons of love and prayers for B and J during this time, what a rollercoaster. Trust God and Hold tight to each other…

  5. The LORD Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid; Do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8. Prayers surround you all.

  6. Praise God. Praying for a successful surgery and healing for Ryman. Praying for continued strength for you Brandy and Jeremy. What a wonderful change of events reading your most recent blog posts!! Stay strong, God is in control. Continued prayers.

  7. Praying so much for you guys and Ryman. She is so blessed to have you two as parents. Thank you for showing us all how to lean on and trust Christ in these times. Prayers for the surgery tonight.

  8. J, B, and R

    Read the blog from day 146. Just want to say to both of you that you have every right to feel that your world is a constant roller coaster. Just want to affirm what an inspiration you both have been to us, even though you may feel low at times. We can only imagine the emotions you must feel throughout each day. When Clare was a little one about 6 or 7 months old, her Dad was holding her and turned to get into the car and the corner of the door sliced her open just at the brow bone. Blood just squirted and was everywhere. I looked at her and could tell that her eye was ok, but I fell apart! We had to take her to the ER room and have her stitched up, and I about passed out, literally, just listening and watching her scream and want me. I have no understanding what your days are like watching your precious precious go thru all that she does to get on the other side of this. We are so happy about the news of the liver, praying for her team, her body and strength to get thru this, and peace for both of you to continue to endure. Will be checking the blog for news and updates.
    RB and Tila Dunn

  9. Praying for you and everyone who will have a part in this surgery, knowing that God is holding you close right now. Humbled by your witness, and hoping you feel the comfort of many prayers!

  10. Was so excited to get a text from Laura that Ryman was getting a new liver…tonight!!! Just like last time, I’ll be praying & looking forward to the next blog entry. Our God is truly awesome! May you both experience His peace and loving arms during the surgery–and know that so many people are with you in prayer right now.

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