Day 148 – New Liver

Ryman is out of surgery. Still trying to get everything stable in the PICU but she is here and the surgery wasn’t very long. They used a vessel from the donor liver to connect to the aorta. Will update more this afternoon. Going to try to get a little sleep during the chaos that this day is about to bring :). Restarting all transplant medications and getting her numbers and labs all worked out. Love you and are so thankful for the continued prayers.



9 thoughts on “Day 148 – New Liver

  1. I’ve been up working tonight and thinking about all of you!!! SO HAPPY she’s out of surgery!! πŸ™‚ I pray she’s comfortable and that you two can get in a power nap!!

  2. So incredibly happy for making it through surgery! I admit to waking and checking for updates in the night. Prayers for the road ahead that it is smooth and that this liver is the one.

  3. Oh kiddos! Wonderful to check update and see this news. Rest and rest well. Ours prayers are with you two as you face this recovery time for Ryman, this time with the apprehension that something like the last time can surely happen, so we pray for the Father’s assurance to be about you and the ones close to you. We pray for confidence in your spirits to soar again as you see this through. What your baby lacks in her original liver to process protein, if I understand this whole thing at all, she more than makes up for it in FIGHT. What a little image of LIFE when we look at her pictures. And we pray for the situation for the little one that has gone on to live forever in the presence of the Father. We pray comfort and peace there, and wish we could get a glimpse into heaven to see both of Ryman’s liver donars bounding around heaven in complete and perfect health. They are, so by faith we believe. And here on this earth, we are thankful for the will to live that the Father has put in Ryman to be a part of the family He has united. God just has all basis covered, in every way. There is just no losing. Guess that’s why He’s Perfect. Have a Blessed day! Love to All and prayers for All who are in this getting Ry stable and on to the next phase!!!

    RB and Tila Dunn

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are still with you all. What a story Ryman will have to tell when she is grown. How God was with her and kept her and her family through these events. Brandy and Jeremy, your faith in God is amazing and it shows. Thank you for all you have shared in the ups an downs of these past months. Your faith has carried you then and will continue to carry you know. God Bless! We love you!

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