Day 148 – Recovery

Ryman is doing great. We had a little worry with her heart rate this morning and some potential bleeding but the ultrasound showed great flow and no blood loss. All her numbers are improving this morning. So she is moving along. I sat in on rounds this morning which took over an hour, love that they are so thorough! Second time around they know what to expect and so do we. It was nice to not feel so lost this morning, this time I understood much more than last time.
We are so thankful for everyone praying for Ryman and us. We once again spent the night playing Mexican train with Julie, Corey, Jeremy’s dad, mom and grandma. Pretty amazing. We are going to try to grab some more sleep. Love you all.
Thank you lord for providing. We do not know what happened to the child who gave Ryman this liver but that child are her original donor are loved so much! Prayers for all.

4 thoughts on “Day 148 – Recovery

  1. We’ll continue to pray for Ryman to grow strong and to heal fast. You and Jeremy get some rest and take care of yourselves. That little nugget needs her mommy and daddy to be at their best! Thank you Lord once more….

  2. Thank you Lord for how awesome and generous and kind and loving You are! We are praying for Ryman, for you her family, and for the donors’ families. We love you Littles!

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