Day 149 – update

Ryman is off the ventilator and vitals look great. Liver numbers are coming down and improving with each lab draw. The ultrasound this morning looked good and blood supply to the liver was great. Feeding starts tomorrow morning. She woke up before they removed the ventilator and was smiling. Maybe the meds but I was so happy to see her with a smile in her face. Once they removed the ventilator tube she was cooing and making all kinds if happy sounds. She may go to the transplant unit tomorrow. Having a little déjà vu!
Luca got to go home and is doing great. She will return in a couple weeks to repeat the procedure she had done. Also, a few people have asked about the other child who relieved the liver that was too big for Ryman. She is doing great and may be discharged today or tomorrow. Thank you all so much for praying for these families as well.
Love you all. B



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