Ryman and her liver.

Couldn’t pass up the chance to do this.
The genetics team brought us some liver sticklers for Ryman’s stuffed animals and a paper one. Thanks guys!



6 thoughts on “Ryman and her liver.

  1. So cute! Great to see “Rye” awake & already on the move (blurred photo!). Thanks for the ongoing updates…I’m rejoicing with you again!!!

  2. I just want to give thanks and praise to The Lord for your willingness to share your story.
    You don’t know me. I am a friend of Courtney Gregory. She shared your story with us when it began and I have been following ever since. I don’t usually get involed with blogs or too much into other peoples business. God has been changing me for some time now. He wants me sticking my nose into other peoples business, I guess.

    Anyway we (our Missional community) has been following and praying for your Little family. I am also in a bible study and last night I used your faithfulness and reliance on God in a difficult circumstance as an example. So your story it being shared, told, and glorifying God! I just want you to know you have an army of angels who want to see Gods glory and satans defeat as they lift your family up to the One who saves. To God be the glory but to you thank you for your faithfulness! I am giving thanks that lil Rye is on the path to recovery.
    If us folks in Maryland can help in anyway please let us know. We have homes and vehicles, we would love to host you or your family / friends. We are near Annapolis which is about an hour plus from where you are.

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